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SuperVaclav rolled over Czechia

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Active 24

Case study


Active 24 reached maximum results with minimum resources

The campaign aimed to introduce a new product of Active24 registrar. Since the budget for the campaign was minimal, we advised the client to abandon ordinary means and raise click-through rate of the requested banner campaign using a remarkable viral teaser. The results were extreme.

All social media profiles in one place

The domain registrar Active24 launched a new unique service on the market - a simple webpage with every purchased domain, which you simply design yourself and serves mainly as an aggregator of all your social media profiles.

A small budget requires a big idea

Considering the tiny budget and increasing banner blindness, we chose an unconventional way of communicating. We created the first Czech superhero - SuperVaclav. Using the internet, we turned an ordinary man into a hero overnight. His target was to fight ruthlessness and abuse. He punished unruly dog owners, smokers and even leaned into corruption. He published his sketches on YouTube, commented on a blog, Facebook and Twitter. Before the year was over, we had provided SuperVaclav with one more weapon - our product - the Supersite. It put all his internet channels under one roof and and aggregated them in one place. It also helped to turn SuperVaclav into an icon during a single month.

The campaign was extremely effective

The videos attracted more than 3 milion views. Thousands of both admiring and hateful e-mails reached SuperVaclav´s inbox. Fans on Facebook grew to 28 000 and Twitter followers to 600, all over the course of just a few days. SuperVaclav stirred up the Czech and world media. In the Czech Republic alone, 92 articles were published about him. Our ordinary chap was suddenly the main topic on the TV, radios, newspaper and magazines. During the following banner campaign, thanks to the knowledge of SuperVaclav, the CTR rate tripled. The Supersite was visited by 150 000 people who checked availability of 11 000 domains. Media were also interested in the Supersite product. Immediately after the campaign, more than 50 articles were published about it. With a tiny budget, we managed to earn media with a cost equivalent of around CZK 15M.

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