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​Discover the world and advantages of working at the airport

The Prague airport helps milions of tourists discover the world. To secure comfort and safety for them, the airport needs thousands of employees. From strategy to the creative idea, we created a complex communication which included an external recruitment campaign as well as internal retention activites. All of this was realized through an in-house production.

The advantages of working at the airport discovered both at the terminal and on the runway

The most visible part of the campaign was a recruitment video and a series of key visuals for OOH and online. We showed particular job positions, attractive environment and salary and benefits, which airport employees can reach. The campaign worked very well and brought the required amount of employees on time. We also picked a handful of non-traditional surfaces in the employee areas and set up a tailored member get member campaign on them.

A part of the campaign were several waves of roadshows in the airport's frequented areas, which demonstrated the advantages of working at the Prague Airport using truly exceptional benefits

For a large company, both recruitment and retention are essential

We've cooperated with the airport for a long time, not only on recruitment campaigns, but also attempting to raise loyalty of present employees using internal communication, tiny gifts and events.

In 2018, we prepared a gift set with steel mugs, mulled wine seasoning and Christmas sweets cutters for thousands of airport employees.

We also motivated present employees on untraditional surfaces in the airport's facilities to recommend working at the airport to people they know.

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