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Aperol flooded Prague with Italian classics

Aperol flooded Prague with Italian classics 

Our goal was to launch the Aperol Spritz brand on the Czech market mainly targetting Prague region and to introduce the preparation of the drink and its Italian origin. Another priority was that potential customers directly try out the refreshing drink. The target group were young active people interested in culture, sport, experience and travelling. 

Thousands of drinks drunk in the most visited summer cinema in the Czech Republic

We based the campaign directly on the moment of consumption. We created opportunities which directly reflected the beverage's identity. Aperol Spritz is a refreshing drink made from Aperol, prosecco and soda. With that, we refreshed Prague people's summer - we turned Prague's Yellow Spa orange and organized a summer cinema there, with screenings of Italian classics such as the Roman Holiday or La Grande Belezza every week. Soon, people started gathering at the location even several hours before the screenings, informed each other about the event and shared content on social media from it. This made our Aperol cinema the most visited summer cinema in the Czech Republic. The all-time high screening attracted 5500 visitors and a total of 18 300 visitors drank over 11 000 Aperol Spritz drinks!

Sales in 2014 grew by 254%!

We helped Aperol to be filed down in the minds of its target group as a refreshing drink, which tastes best during the summer with friends.


Brand recognizer

Supported brand recognition grew from 9% to 43%.


Ever-tried index

Ever-tried index grew from 6% to 26%.



All this helped Aperol raise sales by 254% year-on-year!


The campaign was so successful that the brand decided to cooperate with us for another two years and take to Slovakia too.


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